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Translation, Proofreading, Writing & Plagiarism Checker Service Provider

About Freelance Spot Online

Freelance Spot is a community of professional writers, offering proofreading, writing, and translation services worldwide. What sets Freelance Spot apart from similar services is their focus on quality content and content only. Whether original content written in English, content in another language you would like translated to English, or existing content you would like translated from English to a host of other languages around the world. Proofreading and plagiarism checker is also available in all the languages covered by Freelance Spot Online.

Translation Service

Freelance Spot provides translation service from and to 102 different dialects currently, 10 of which are different dialects of English including en - GB, en - US, en - NZ, en - SG, en - CA and more. In addition to 10 dialects of English other popular languages available for translation are included but not limited to are French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, and many more.

Original Writing Service

If your business is in need of professional copywriting Freelance Spot offers many different writing styles. Content orders for Articles, Blog Posts, Website Content, Product Descriptions, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Sales Copy, Press Releases, Research & Summaries, eMail Copy, and Business Names & Taglines or Slogans can all be fulfilled at one place.

Proofreading & Editing Service

Today’s consumers are savvy and expect things online to be of high quality. Copywriting blunders can make or break your website. The best writers in the world still require editors to check grammar, syntax, readability etc. Utilize Freelance Spot’s editing or proofreading service for all your content needs, whether a business letter, web page, blog post, or product description be assured that your copy is correct, and optimized by a professional. Sign in to your online portal to customize the languages you need for proofreading or editing services.

Plagiarism Checker Service

Freelance Spot provides a professional plagiarism checker to ensure all work is original. This will ensure your website avoids duplicate content penalties, and protect your copy from infringing on protected works. You can create your own content to check with the plagiarism checker, or submit content written by any writer.
Plagiarism Checker is available in all supported dialects to ensure your content truly is unique.


Freelance Spot Online is dedicated to providing your business with the best content available within your budget. The mission is to provide a platform for you to build a superstar team of freelancers to enhance your business in a fast paced growing global economy.