Basic Plan

Admin1 account
Manager1 account
Freelancer5 accounts


Freelance Spot is your one-stop-solution for everything Freelance at your company.

Freelance Spot offers a few options for your company to choose from.

Our Free Trial is for 30 days and allows your company the use of our platform to manage up to 5 Freelancers with 1 Admin account and 1 Manager Account.

Our basic plan is 10$ a month and offers you the use of our platform with 1 Admin account, 1 Manager Account and 5 Freelancer Accounts.

There is no auto-renewal option for these plans so if you wish to continue to use Freelance Spot
(You will be notified by email about the expiry date to your plan and will be given option to renew per month)

If you require extra Freelancer and/or Manager accounts for a big project: Freelance Spot offers these additional accounts to be added to your company profile.

Manager accounts are $5 per addition and Freelancer accounts are $2 per addition.